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    This new cork design has a more vertical character reminiscent of the look of birch bark with metallic hints from the Khatam collection by Omexco.


    As a manufacturer, Omexco limit their impact on the environment on different levels. They use recycled fibres as much as possible and favour renewable energy for the production process. Omexco always opt for products with a non-harmful base and renewable materials such as cork or recycled sari silk.


    Omexco has a long history of being eco-conscious and pushing their creativity whilst trying to reduce waste, e.g. by custom cutting every order. Almost all of their products are eco-certified and PVC free. All these efforts allowed them to obtain the Ecological Label as well as the certificate for sustainable forestry.


    Width of the wallcovering: ± 91 cm (± 35” 4/5).

    Pattern repeat is 0 cm (0”) and the design does not need to be matched.

    Fire resistant: US: class A.

    Light resistant: Xeno test 6.


    Apply a ready mixed PVA or EVA clear adhesive directly to the wall, no need to humidify the back of the wallcovering.



    GREEN: KHA52

    BLUE: KHA51

    RED: KHA53

    BEIGE: KHA55

    LILAC: KHA54

    • Disclaimer

      Please be aware that the calculator provides an estimate only, and that no pattern repeat is taken into consideration. Please don't hesitate to contact us for advice if in any doubt.

      Please note that these images are taken from the manufactors website and colours are true to form. However different batch numbers may change the colour slightly.

    £108.00 Regular Price
    £84.75Sale Price
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